Monday, 5 October 2009

That Is Settled Then

David Cameron e-mails his party that there will be no announcements on Europe and then we find this, this and this - three people obviously 'on message'!

Richard North, EU Referendum posts about Tories who have their 'heads up their arses' and nothing demonstrates that more than the Hague statement, linked to above. "Mr Hague said that he felt the public's view on the European Union was in "full agreement"  with Conservative policy, of remaining in the Union, but opposing greater integration." No, you bloody silly man, the public is not in 'full agreement' and if you are unable to recognise that then you need to get another job!

For a story that won't go away, this adds fuel to the flames. It is becoming obvious that not only are the public not 'with the Conservative Party' but their members are also not 'with the Conservative Party'.

The Conservative Party conference seems to be developing quite nicely - and they have only just started!

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