Monday, 5 October 2009

Wrong Again

Once again David Blackburn, writing on the Coffee House, fails to offer a logical view of the situation Cameron finds himself in over the question of the EU.

"........unless the government wanted to withdraw from the EU, which the Tories do not desire."

When will this man accept that it does not matter what the Tory heirachy want that matters - it is what the British electorate want that matters.

"This conference should be dominated by the Tories’ radical vision for Britain and a preparation for government, not reactionary navel-gazing."

It would also seem pointless having a conference dominated by a 'radical vision for Britain' when, in certain areas, the Tories hands are 'tied' in having to follow EU directives and regulations. Hardly what can be called 'government' - is it?

Reverting to Cameron's  'policy' ridiculous attitude on the question of Europe, one can see that a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty once ratified is to a certain extent pointless, but the suggestion posted by Dizzy does offer a perfectly good alternative subject for a referendum.


subrosa said...

Ah but CallMeDave's policy is what HE wants.

Will we get a referendum? No.

Dave's just playing the balancing game to get over this week without problems.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

If "The Tories" don't want to abrogate [all] the EU treaties, and tell it (the EU) that it has "withdrawn" from the UK with our permission, then the Tories will have of course to go, along with the "EU".

The removal of the EU from our lives will be the simplest thing. We can simply denounce [all] the treaties (as you do) as "scraps of paper" (which they are) and twitter the buggers that we have left. I can't see any difficulty at all, can anybody else?

After all, the EU has no moral or libertarian legitimacy. Or does it?

Regarding nazis and legitimacy: you decide.