Sunday, 4 October 2009

A Thought For Sunday (Well Every Day, Really)

On Andrew Marr's programme today, David Cameron once again refused to clarify his position with regard to the UK's membership of the European Union, citing as a reason that he was only prepared to have one policy at a time and that it could be seen as interfering in another country's democratic process to publicly state any other possible course of action by him, at this time.

The attitude of David Cameron to this question that will not go away, as highlighted by EU Referendum, is becoming more ridiculous by the day. The general consensus would appear be that Vaclav Klaus will sign the Lisbon Treaty well before our General election, so David Cameron may as well spell out what 'line' he will take. To continue his prevarication leads one to believe that, actually he has no idea what to do in any event. Saying that he wants a referendum as the Lisbon Treaty had not been 'put to the people' then begs the question that if that is the reason, what does it matter whether the treaty has been ratified or not - on the matter of principle, where is the difference.

As I have posted previously, if a politician gives a 'cast-iron' guarantee, as Cameron did in 2007, that a referendum would be held, then to break that promise means that his word is worthless and therefore why should the electorate believe anything he, or the Conservative Party, says in the future. Nigel Farage once said that it was not possible to get a cigarette paper between the three main parties - purely on the matter of trust in political parties, Farage's statement is so true as we have had nothing but lies and obfuscation from the present government and it would seem more than obvious we are going to get exactly the same from the next government!

Cameron's attitude could be seen as hypocritical, yet this is a charge which could also be levied at his MPs. How many of those MPs (Eurosceptic or otherwise) are prepared to 'rebel' on the basis they are supposed to represent their constituents views? How many Conservative MPs have actually bothered to attempt to find out the majority view of their constituents? How many of those Conservative MPs are actually more concerned with maintaining their jobs and lifestyle than representing the views of their constituents?

If MPs wish to be regarded by the electorate as 'Wise Men/Women' then perhaps it would be better that, prior to telling us what we can and cannot do, they looked in a mirror and asked themselves whether they were indeed 'Honourable'!


subrosa said...

Did I learn more about tory policy from watching the CallMeDave and Marr interview? No.

Anonymous said...

Dave makes everything clear: