Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What The Hell Is Going On In Britain?

The Open Europe press summary reports that the Daily Telegraph has uncovered 'secret plans' to negotiate treaties and open EU embassies following ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. 'Secret plans'? Perhaps if the Telegraph had bothered to extract its head from its rear orifice it would know that these subjects, amongst others, are and have been well known for ages now!

At a fringe meeting, held at the Conservative Party conference by Open Europe, which discussed 'priorities in Europe for a Conservative government we get Mark Francois, Shadow Europe Minister, saying that "the Conservatives’ priority in Europe would be to fight for an open, flexible EU in favour of free trade, which resists protectionism." And if the Conservative Party cannot achieve that - and how long would they allow for this process - what happens then? A statement such as this is on a par with "We will not let matters rest there" - in other words totally meaningless! But hey, this is the Conservative Party.

The print edition of the Daily Telegraph reports that Britain's watercress farmers have to ask permission to have their product and the name 'watercress' protected. We have to ask the EU about a product we have grown for centuries?

The government decides to drop the Royal symbol from the new Supreme Court emblem according to the print edition of the Daily Telegraph. 

A quango squanders public money with posters advising us that food contains salt and we are 'informed' by other 'advisory' bodies that driving 'convertibles' with the roof down is bad for our ears, that one night out damages hearing, that a risk to hearing loss is linked to smoking, that playing golf can also damage hearing.

Yet again the Daily Telegraph print edition excels itself with an article headed 'Shortage of houses for sale drives up prices'. This is news? Have they never heard of 'supply and demand' and the effect that has on the price of anything?

David Green, writing in the print edition of today's Daily Telegraph, comments on the decision of the Prison Governors' Association who voted to abolish all prison sentences of under 12 months. Who the **** elected them and who asked them the question in the first place?

What kind of society, both political and social, have we the people allowed to develop that we accept vacuous and inane statements from politicians and suffer the utter rubbish - and biased reporting - placed in front of us by the media? When will politicians and journalists (and I use both terms in their loosest sense) begin to earn their salaries? More importantly, will the British people ever be able to recover the ability to think for themselves, because what has happened is a 'mind-coup' that has been engineered by both politicians and media; the former by design and the latter by failure to do their job properly in highlighting political mis-behaviour and mis-governance.

The examples of the lack of standards in both the political and media worlds are but a very few of the many that have occured during the last decade. At some point in the future there will be a 'rebellion' by the people and when it does happen it will be 'bloody'! I, for one, hope that I may be allowed to live long enough to see it!

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