Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What Is The Conservative Party For?

And in fairness, what is the Labour Party or the Liberal Democrats for?

George Osborne, doing the 'morning media rounds' is quoted as saying "I would rather be the honest politician who tells the public the truth about what needs to be done rather than be what they have had for the last 12 years."

So, for a start, let the Conservative Party be honest and tell the truth on Britain's membership of the European Union. What is the annual cost? What will be the ramifications for any British government in respect of their power to decide our laws? Will the British people get a referendum and if so, on what aspect of EU membership? Why will their leader not debate Britain's membership of the EU, even in his own constituency? Why will the Conservative Party and Grayling not admit that capping immigration only applies to non-EU individuals and that the ability to limit the entrance to Britain of EU nationals is not within their power? Why will Greg Clarke, Conservative energy & climate change spokesman not be honest and tell the truth that his party's policies in these areas are subject to compliance with EU directives and regulations and that there is nothing he, or his party, can do to change that situation? Why will George Osborne not be honest and tell the truth to advise the people of this country that whatever he does will be subject to possible change, post ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, should the EU decide to issue a directive or regulation on any aspect of our economy? Why will the Conservative Party, as with both Labour and the Liberal Democrats, not be honest and tell the truth that whilst they promise to 'govern' Britain they will not have the ability to do that?

Why will the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties not be honest and tell the truth, admitting that they have, collectively, sold Britain 'down the river' - oh yes and also admit they forgot to ask whether that was ok with us!

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