Friday, 15 January 2010

Cameron De-Bunked

I was going to post on David Cameron's latest speech however Ian Parker-Joseph has beaten me to it.

Also to talk about British foreign policy - has he forgotten that the EU has already said Baroness Ashton speaks for the EU on foreign policy?

In summary, as Ian Parker-Joseph says, once again David Cameron is but devising policies to implement those of the EU - and, unfortunately, not being truthfull with the electorate in respect of their origin.

But hey - the man is a CONservative!

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Sue said...

He's unbelievable isn't he? What a con merchant.

We could actually do a series on these for the Albion Alliance.

Where a politician suddenly comes out with a new idea or policy, we need to see if its being suggested or created at the behest of the EU and flag these up.

This will expose the Conservatives for the "Con" merchants that they are!