Friday, 15 January 2010

Can't See The Wood From The Trees

Power 2010 Director, Pam Giddy, had a letter in the Grauniad yesterday which contained this paragraph:

"The results, published today, are striking. People wanted their rights protected better, they wanted more of a voice, but crucially they wanted a more effective parliament. Among the most popular reforms were those which would create a stronger more independent parliament, capable of checking government and representing the interests of the nation. A proposal to strengthen select committees received most support, followed by a proposal to give MPs more control over the parliamentary timetable."

Laudable aims to be sure, but when will people realise that for them to have more of a voice, for Parliament to become more effective, for Parliament to become more independent and for Parliament to represent the interests of the nation first this country has to become a truly independent self-governing nation once again.

For that to happen it is crucial that the people are allowed a vote on whether they wish to continue the present terms of membership of the European Union, or not. If the latter then a 'trading relationship' would be required, which is what those that last had a chance to express an opinion thought they were voting for based on what they were told by the politicians of the day.

For people to be given a choice on EU membership and for the wishes of Power 2010 to happen is but a dream whilst voters slavishly continue to follow the three main parties. Not one of them believes in the former and they certainly have no wish, or could effectively, impement the latter due to the former.

The heart of Power 2010 may be in the right place, however one questions whether the brain is and even whether the latter exists in the first place.

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