Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christopher Booker - On The Case Again!

If ever two men deserve recognition in the New Years Honours List it must surely be Richard North and Christoher Booker.

With regard to the latter, the majority of his main article in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph is taken up with, justifiably, 'rubbishing' the Met Office and its associated outposts.

On two small points though I would take slight issue with Christopher Booker's analysis and that is where he states:

" It is a state of affairs so bizarre that it cries out for political intervention. Yet our politicians, from Gordon Brown and David Cameron down, are so in thrall to this new religion that they cannot see evidence staring them in the face........."

Firstly, one could well argue that the reason for the Met Office being so useless is purely due to 'political intervention' resulting in the work on Climate Change that is presently being undertaken.Secondly, Brown, Cameron and their respective underlings can only too well see the evidence staring them in the face, they are however unable to do anything about it as they no longer have the authority so to do, being beholden as they are to their masters in Brussels!

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microdave said...

Richard North has an article about the useless Met Office in today's Mail On Sunday: