Sunday, 3 January 2010

People In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

Apologies but I am unable, being so annoyed, to get brain in gear and thus find a better heading having just heard the news on the car radio that the government is to introduce into the school curriculum 'financial responsibility' starting at the age of five.

WTF!! Two immediate points:

1. Try teaching the children simple arithmetic and the English language instead!

2. And this is an idea from the government? 

"Mr Balls said: "It's really important that we teach our children about pensions, responsible saving and effective money management.

And this is the government that having bankrupted the bloody country now believes it can decide to teach children financial competence? It is a great pity that the government did not learn a few lessons themselves about pensions, saving and effective money management!

"A study by the Institute for Social and Economic Research that found being unable to manage money harms a person's wellbeing."

Well, at least that explains the reason for Gordon Brown being such a grumpy, incompetent, twat!

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