Thursday, 14 January 2010

Democratic Deficit

Autonomousmind blogs on the subject of ministers avoiding answering questions from MPs on the basis that either (a) the information is not collected or available centrally or (b) could be provided only at disporportionate cost - and provides a few examples - maintaining that this devalues democracy.

Whilst unfortunately very true it is nothing new as witness for how long Her Majesty's Official Opposition has failed so dismally in their prime duty of holding the government to account,of failing to admit that their policies on energy - for example - are driven by subservience to Directives and Regulations issued by the European Union. Witness how Prime Ministers fail to answer questions put to them at PMQs, preferring instead to score cheap political points. Witness also the failure of MPs to reflect the views of their constituents, instead adhering to party 'diktats' and thus being no more than 'voting-fodder'. Witness the emasculation of local democracy, resulting in local authorities becoming no more than administration centres for central government directives.

Again unfortunately, the list is endless when considering the devaluation of democracy which has taken place in Britain today. What is also unfortunate - to use that word again - is to witness the apathy of the voting public who appear willing to accept this state of affairs by proceeding to put their cross on the ballot paper for either the party they have supported all their lives or the party whose latest manifesto con they have fallen for. On this subject, one wonders how many will fall for the reported latest Labour 'wheeze' of campaigning on 'pledges' or 'guarantees'. A repeat of the move Labour made in 1997 and the vast majority of the public fell for that then and for the following twelve years.

One has to ask when will the voting public 'wake up' and think before placing their cross on a ballot paper? The problem is that, when considering the forthcoming general election and the three main parties, they are going to have one hell of a headache from all the thinking that will be required - or not, if they decide to teach the three main parties a lesson by voting for one of the other parties.

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