Thursday, 14 January 2010

Voter Power

The Albion Alliance, a campaign group, are asking all candidates standing in the forthcoming general election to pledge to put country before party and to ensure that a referendum is given the British public. In so doing, they have e-mailed every declared candidate - to date - asking them to pledge that they will agree to the two aforementioned points. The responses of those candidates that have replied can be read by clicking on the 'writeref' blue entry on the candidate date base, access to said data base being obtained via the Albion Alliance main page. On the basis that the majority of replies so far received are negative is where that element which candidates appear to have forgotten enters the equation - voter power.

The Albion Alliance have also set up a pledge for voters - that they, the voter, will not vote for any candidate that does promise to begin the restoration of democracy, so sorely needed in Britain. With sufficient signatories, this will be a powerful weapon that can be used by the Albion Alliance to change the attitude being exhibited by so many candidates, that attitude being they know best and to hell with what their electorate want. The voter's pledge can be accessed here or from the 'I have pledged' button on the side-bar to this blog. The pledge contain four other things that voters are able to do, however it must be made clear that these four additional things are purely voluntary actions for those voters.

So come on lads and lasses - lets get voter pledging!


Anonymous said...

I assume there is a typo in the first sentence "... to pledge to put party before country ..."

As far as the Voter Pledge is concerned, I would be far happier to pledge that "... I would not vote for a candidate who had not signed up, etc ..." rather than the current wording.

Witterings From Witney said...

Oops - corrected! Thanks.

Trooper Thompson said...

As before, I stir from my armchair to criticise, but I think that pledge should be that I won't vote for a candidate who hasn't signed up to the AA commitment. Otherwise, we risk being derailed with cheap shots, such as if the BNP sign up en masse, then AA could be portrayed as a front for them, and that would hand a potent propaganda weapon to our enemies. As a positive, why not give alternative pledges. The main point would be that non-pledging candidates have no chance of getting one's vote.

Trooper Thompson said...

Oh, I've just read the first comment, a case of great minds think alike, I would say :)

Witterings From Witney said...

Problem TT is that we then have to go back to everyone and we just don't have the manpower or time. All declared candidates with contact e-mail have been done, although some replies still to be put into database which will be done later today.

On a personal front accept the point made.