Saturday, 9 January 2010

Exactly! Why Is The NHS So Sacrosanct?

David Blackburn, writing on the Coffee House, poses an extremely good question and makes the point that in opening their 'election campaign' with the NHS, David Cameron and his Conservative Cameronian Party, in only 'tinkering', failed to address the issue.

Some of the comments - allowing for 'typos', or emasculation of our language - make, in my opinion, perfectly good points. Why, for example, should anyone be able to enter this country and have free health care if they have not 'paid into the system'? Yes, by all means treat them, cure them - and then bill them!

I seem to recall Dan Hannan being 'vilified' for suggesting that America should not start from where we are. It is obvious that the NHS, like so many state organisations, suffers from too many managers, sub-managers, targets etc.

Political parties - the 'triumvirate' - seem to think that the public will not allow any change to our health system yet it is arguable that, if asked - which envariably they are not - the public would agree to, nay demand, a re-organisation.

This subject, public services, is a prime example of the 'dictatorial' attitude of the three main political parties - ie, they know best and won't ask the people that actually provide the boody money that provides said service, coupled with the fact they won't let go of the 'purse-strings'! But hey, that would be 'democracy' and the 'triumvirate' obviously just don't believe in that!

We the public, in Britain, believe we live in a democracy - how wrong we are! Presently the Albion Alliance are campaigning to introduce a basic element of democracy in wanting what amounts to a referendum on who governs Britain. Take this a stage further - should not we, the people, decide on other aspects affecting our lives - eg, how often our rubbish gets collected, how and what happens to it; what type of schools there should be and what form of education is offered; what laws we want and should have to obey; who should have access to and use 'free state services'; who has the 'right' to 'dictate' and decide how we should live our lives - witness the 'fake charities' that do just that!

If ever there was a case for true localism and 'local governance' - why else do we have local authorities - then the questions asked above surely answer that.


James Higham said...

Danger is not to hand over the local governance to CP.

Witterings From Witney said...


CP are 'toast' were local democracy to be 'allowed'!

Were democracy truly implemented not only would local councillors be elected and be answerable to voters, so would bureaucrats! Is it not right that 'those who pay the piper call the tune'?