Saturday, 9 January 2010

Booker 'Hits The Nail On The Head' - Yet Again!

Christopher Booker, in his piece in the Sunday Telegraph, with his usual clinical ability highlights all that is wrong with our energy policies, policies which the Con/Lab/LibDem parties present as their own when in fact they are dictated by our real government in Brussels.

This subject touches on something mentioned in my previous post - is not how we provide our energy not something that we, in Britain, should decide?
When one considers that "the cost of the Climate Change Act alone has been estimated by our Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband at £18 billion every year until 2050" one has to ask the question that, as it is our money that will be providing this - when were we, the public, asked if we agreed to provide it?

Does the attitude of the 'triumvirate' not just signify that our energy policy is a load of 'Secretary of State for Children, Schools & Families'? Which just goes to show that, if you mix blue, red and yellow you end up with an undescribale - and unworkable - end-result?

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