Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Greening 'Off Message'?

Justine Greening, Shadow Local Government Minister, would appear to be at odds with her party's way of thinking.

"The key thing is enabling people to climb up the ladder to prosperity" which is in direct contrast to the policy proposed by Nick Herbert yesterday whereby anyone who builds a company, such as a supermarket, will be penalised when too successful!

"It’s critical that people make their own decisions in life and are not lectured to" which is exactly what David Cameron does; witness his informing us what we can have a say in where EU membership is concerned . If the Conservative Party truly believed in this idea they would immediately set free from state control areas such as health, education, law & order to allow local people to decide how those should be managed and what they should provide. Neither would David Cameron be saying "We will use the state to remake society" which would also result in a bit of 'lecturing'. 

It is obvious that the Conservatives have yet to remove the 'dictator' element, inherent in their ideology, from the idea of democracy. What can one expect though from a party whose leader is a closet 'lefty'?

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