Thursday, 14 January 2010

If David Cameron Had A Pledge Card

So runs the headline to a post on Conservative Home, one authored by Tim Montgomerie.

Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Tim Montgomerie exhibits a characteristic that it was thought was a perogative of the elderly, namely memory loss. Perhaps he has forgotten the last 'pledge' that Cameron gave? Still can't remember, Tim? Let me give you a hint - referendum?

In any event, just look at the suggestions made. The difference between the first one with Labour is.....? In respect of the last one, perhaps three constituencies that could well be 'cut', as part of the ten percent, are Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath, Sheffield Hallam and Witney? 

Giving David Cameron a pledge card would be 'f'ing meaningless!

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Optimistic Cynic said...

1. I don't want any increases in the NHS. I want the bastard privatised and for people to get a proper, competitive private insurance scheme with contractually defined terms of what is covered.

2. Capping Immigration? Like anyone is going to want to come to this economic disaster with Brown or Cameron driving it towards an iceberg.

3. He's certainly not going to advertise that policy as the class warriors will jump all over it.

4. Is Cameron doing this? Has he decided if he's really a localist or not?

5. A nice gesture but makes as much difference if Fred Goodwin had busked outside the front door of RBS.