Friday, 15 January 2010

It 'Benefits' The Families Of Terror Suspects To Live In The UK

So reports the Mail, the Telegraph and Reuters following opinions expressed by the European Court of Justice (ECJ)’s most senior judge. The Senior Advocate of the European Court of Justice, Paulo Mengozzi, has said that the decision to halt the payments was unfair on the grounds of human rights. The ECJ is due to consider three test cases, brought by the wives of British based terror suspects later this year, at which Mr Mengozzi's observations are likely to prove crucial. Any decision by the European Court, which is expected to issue a final judgment in three to six months, will be binding on the House of Lords and on courts throughout the EU.

David Cameron, in another of his vacuous speeches on vacuous Conservative Policies says "So there’s not much point having tougher laws to deport people who are a threat to Britain if at the same time we don’t have a proper border police force to stop unwanted people from coming in." 'Deport people'? Stop 'unwanted people from coming in'? Hell, it seems he would not even be able to stop benefits to 'undesirable people', so how does he believe he can 'deport people' or 'stop unwanted people from coming in'?

David, David, you are not going to be Prime Minister of an independent country called the United Kingdom. You have to remember that, at best,  you would be the Chief Adminsitrator of EU Region UK - and as such you would have to clear such actions with your masters in Brussels!

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