Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The New Head Of IPSA Speaks!

Ian Kennedy, head of the 'Independent' Parliamentary Standards Auhority (IPSA) is to speak at 6pm this evening, according to Sam Coates writing in the Red Box - Times Online. Coates writes that Kennedy will be stating what he does not believe can be implemented from the Kelly proposals.

"So much for party leaders 'implementing Kelly in full'. They never needed to water it down themselves - they only need leave Sir Ian to do it for them."

So why do we have party leaders - come to that why do we have MPs?  Supposedly we are to shrug our shoulders and accept it as, after all, Kennedy is just joining the list of other unelected and unaccountable 'crats in Brussels who decide how our money should be spent.

Will the electorate care - I doubt it. Will the electorate even appreciate the ramifications of how this decision is being made - I doubt it. Don't forget, Big Brother is back on the 'box' - and that bunch of nonentities is far more important!

Update: According to the BBC: "The man who will introduce a new system for MPs' expenses has suggested he will not feel bound to implement all reforms recommended after the recent scandal." And our voice in this? Sorry - being a tad niaive here - forgot that means introducing democracy!

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