Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What Is This Democracy 'Thingy'?

That question may well have been asked by Jeremy Hunt MP, Conservative, as writing on the Blue Blog, it is obvious that he doesn't understand it. (Nor typing and the English language)

"Last week we announced a truly radical policy that will transform the way Government works. (You're all getting brain implants?) If we win the Election we’ll run a competition to come up the best new technology that will let large groups of people get together online and develop new policies. We’ll put all of our Green Papers on this new system and allow the public to comment on new legislation during a Public Reading Stage." (My emphasis)

Note the use of the phrases 'We'll........let large groups of people get together on-line' and 'allow the public'. Sorry - you will 'let' and 'allow' the public.....? WTF! Mr. Hunt, you do not have any right, imagined or otherwise, to 'let' or 'allow' the public anything when it comes to dictating what laws we may live under. MPs are supposed to be the servants of the people, not our bloody masters!

In common with the majority of MPs, Mr Hunt forgets that he is incapable of looking after the affairs and well-being of the country without also trying to look after everyone else's! If and when you Mr. Hunt, and your apology for a political party, have restored self-government to this country; have returned local democracy to local people; have stopped lying to the country; have stopped 'feathering your own nests'; I might - note the use of the word 'might' - start listening to you and your ideas.


Dungeekin said...

While I agree with your sentiment, I have to disagree with your interpretation of what was said.

My read of that was:

" the best new technology that will let large groups of people get "

For me, therefore, the 'let' was not referring to the granting of permission, but to the capability of the software.


Witterings From Witney said...

Appreciate your distinction D, however whichever way one looks at it - whether from permission or technology - people should not be dictated to by those we elect, especially where democracy is concerned