Saturday, 2 January 2010

Party Manifestos - A Thought

I was beginning to do some research on political party manifestos and instances where 'promises' because that is what they are, have been broken - and came to a grinding halt when a simple solution to the problem dawned.

Perhaps we, the people, should write a manifesto for the country and then see which of the political parties were prepared to honour and enact it in full. Those parties that did not feel able to meet the required criteria then need not put up a candidate, thus saving themselves one shed load of money - and us the problem of listening to a load of meaningless crap!

Consider this - when was the last time any Member of Parliament, or Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, actually asked you, as one of their constituents, what you wished to see in their manifesto? No? I thought not - they are too busy telling us what their party will decide we will be allowed to do.

None of the three main political parties actually understand this democracy 'thingy', do they - more is the pity!

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cfjc7 said...

Don’t you remember their manifesto pledge of 2005 with regard to the smoking ban? Lets quote their words…’any bar or pub that doesn’t sell or prepare food will be exempt from the ban…and any private members clubs could ballot their members and decide if they wanted to be smoke free or allow smoking’ surely you must remember this.

That is what has smokers so angry.