Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Redcar - A Oxymoron?

For an organisation that is 'in the red', has red as its political colour and is so anti-motorist, to put the words 'red' and 'car' into one word is bound to cause trouble for the Labour Party.

Courtesy of Richard North, EU Referendum, one is led to this story.

"This is puzzling since Tata is reportedly planning to more than double its steel production in India over the next three years.Furthermore, it reportedly plans to build a 20m plant in the Netherlands, with the help of 15m from the EU and 5m from the Dutch government.......Why can’t the EU fork out for Redcar instead of a new plant in Holland?"

Possibly because the EU is determined to grind our country into the dirt?
"Tata, which has allegedly gained up to £1.2bn from "carbon credits", would thus get its new steel plants on the cheap – while the net amount of CO2 emitted worldwide will not have been reduced."

So, as Richard North has alluded (with justification) it is f'all to do with saving the bloody planet - it is all about making bloody money! Oh and the bloody politicians gaining 'carbon-cred' in the eyes of their electorate!

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