Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Scientists View of Climate Change And Some Consequences

Courtesy of a friend I was pointed to this paper - written by a scientist who believes in climate change, but does not believe in 'big' government - where one particular section stood out and is quite prophetic. It should be borne in mind that this paper was written prior to Copenhagen. For those interested this paper deals with the sequestered adequate fraction of extracted (or SAFE) carbon referred to in the first paper.

"The problem is that the WBGU’s proposal, like James Hansen’s global carbon tax and Oliver Tickell’s “Kyoto2” global auction of emission permits, represents a massive extension of state power over the lives of individuals and private corporations. Everyone claims that money that is raised through carbon taxes and permit auctions can be used to reduce the burden of taxation elsewhere or simply redistributed to individuals, but it still has to pass through a national or supra-national budget along the way. If this money is under the direct control of politicians, we all know what they will do with it, and if it is placed in an apolitical “climate bank”, how will that banks’ directors be held to account?"

Bearing in mind the point made in the extract above, this story featured in Watts Up With That is rather pertinent. Do follow the links within this post as the ramifications of politician's involvement in the carbon trading scheme is horrendous, nay ludicrous, to say the least. It also demonstrates the dangers of blindly following 'the creed' propounded by the likes of Pachauri, Hansen and others.

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