Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Answer

Conservative Home has a post on Michael Gove's speech in the Commons during the Second Reading of the Children, Schools and Families Bill. Within the ConHome post is a link to the Hansard Report. 

Yet again we see the politician's inherent desire to regulate and interfere in peoples personal decisions and choices! And a parent's 'right' to home educate can be removed if the content of that teaching does not comply with state dictats? FFS! Freedom of choice, you bastards - remember that? Politicians are only too happy for us to have freedom of choice when it comes to electing them!

All those words and all that time spent when the answer to the problem is to devolve the responsibility for the provision of education to local authorities and for local people to decide what type of schools they want in their area and what curricula those schools should teach.


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