Tuesday, 12 January 2010

This Is Education?

England Expects has a good post here included in which is a link to another excellent article by Christopher Booker in the Mail.

EE quotes from the education act and one has to ask whether those schools who send pupils to this 'exhibition' will be organising another trip to demonstrate that there are other methods available to tackle social and medical problems.

EE also says: "Pick up an incident, exaggerate the situation, position government action as our saviour and produce centralising legislation, giving themselves more power. Of course this is all done at breakneck speed with the concomitant that it is done badly and ends up costing a packet of our money. Result, more central power, and massively increased costs."

That statement demonstrates all that is wrong with the socialist mindset and, if the direction that the Boy Dave appears to be heading in is what I think it is, also with the Conservative Cameronian Party.

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