Saturday, 1 May 2010

And Then What?

Parliament is dissolved and by Friday next the voters will have elected a new one, which according to those 'paragons of guestimates' may be 'hung' - whether well, I leave to my lady reader's imagination.

Cameron, Brown and Clegg all condemned the abuse of MP's expenses and 'Expensegate' and in the process expressed disgust at what had occured. If their 'disgust' was that heartfelt one has to query why they have former MPs seeking re-election; examples of which are Francis Maude and Greg Barker for the Conservatives; Jacqui Smith and Hazel Blears for Labour; and Sandra Gidley and Richard Younger-Ross for the LibDems. Oh - and I will not mention the ex-representative for the seat of Buckingham! Surely if the Leaders of the Lib/Lab/Con Parties felt 'disgust' then candidates such as those mentioned would have been banned from standing?

Any ex-MPs who are re-elected will promptly claim they have been vindicated by the electorate. Compare the behaviour of those ex-MPs with someone in the private sector who, guilty of 'offences' similar to those ex-MPs, would by now have faced trial and been sentenced to imprisonment. For Cameron, Brown and Clegg to express disgust and that they were appalled by such excesses shows that yet again they have lied to the electorate, otherwise those candidates would not be candidates.

It has to be wondered how many of the electorate will, in casting votes for those ex-MPs guilty of mis-use of public money, realise that they are, in effect, giving their blessing to disgusting, immoral behaviour. Or will the electorate decide to punish those exMPs - and Parliament in general - by voting for what the press have termed 'minor' parties, or even for Independents?

We will know, come May 7th, how much 'interest' those of the electorate who do bother to vote have taken in this lacklustre election - an election in which the leaders of the Lib/Lab/Con have lied, prevaricated and indulged in obfuscation, deceit, censorship and, generally, have behaved like spoiled brats!

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