Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Re-Ratification Of The Lisbon Treaty

This may well concentrate a few minds!

"That IGC will amend the Lisbon Treaty (Protocol 36). This will require that the Lisbon Treaty be re-ratified by all 27 nations of the European Union. Once the IGC is over, the new version of the protocol as adopted will have to be ratified by the 27 national parliaments.That means that a new Prime Minister will have to ram a new Lisbon Treaty through both Houses of Parliament. Seeing as no national newspaper or media outlet seems prepared to ask the question, we must. Will any of the pretenders to Number 10 answer? Will they take this opportunity to give us the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that they promised? If not, why not?"

If the Conservatives form the next 'government' we shall see how 'cast-iron' is 'cast-iron'!

Update: This from The Taxpayer's Alliance.

After Afterthought: What was that about not picking a fight with the EU, iDave??


13th Spitfire said...

Does this not precisely fall within the tory premise of 'no more powers to Brussels without a referendum'?

Even if they do win on Friday the LibDems have said much the same. Labour are fucked either way.

In other words, how can this not lead to a referendum?

Witterings From Witney said...

Exactly 13th, exactly!

Of all of them, this really will put iDave where he does not want to be - having to keep his word.

Richard said...

Nah ... Gwain's got it wrong ... this is an additional protocol - it does not open up the Treaty, which therefore does not have to be "re-ratified". It can and will be dealt with under the Ponsonby rule.