Monday, 3 May 2010

Who To vote For?

"UKIP? Best choice for me by a country mile. They want what I want. They want to leave the EU. So do I. With every fibre of my being, with every atom that makes up my body. They want to repeal 111,000 regulations, they want to dump 4,300 new "crimes", and they also want to ensure choice for us smokers. So do I. Having read, and re-read their manifesto, it makes much more sense than any others I have studied."

Oddly, exactly what I am being told by those I meet who have no idea of my political allegiance!


Anonymous said...

Dwell for a moment on the fact that UKIP are saying they will support the Stroud Labour Party candidate because he is anti EU.

For me at any rate this is a big own goal.

I have never suppported a left wing party because I believe government is the problem and I certainly do not intend to do so by proxy.

This is a worrying act and seems to indicate UKIP are indeed an obsessed one issue party rather than a good right wing alternative to Conservatives.

Unless they clarify their position they have just lost one vote

Witterings From Witney said...


Let me say at the outset I personally do not agree with Pearson on this issue.

However, as with the Albion Alliance, the aim is to get candidates, regardless of party, who believe that a referendum is essential into parliament. Plus, so I understand, UKIP's chances are virtually nil in this seat, so in a way it does make sense.

On that basis I trust you may reconsider how you vote.