Saturday, 17 July 2010

ACPO Above Parliament?

On 29th June Theresa May, Home Secretary, delivered a speech to the Association of Chief Police Officers and Association of Police Authorities National Conference in Manchester. Amongst what she said was this: "And I can also announce today that I am also scrapping the confidence target and the policing pledge with immediate effect.". She did, unfortunately, refer to the Police as a 'service' which it is not, nor is it supposed to be - however Theresa May is a politician so perhaps her gaffe is understandable (and there was I not going to comment on that!).

Now lets go to Inspector Gadget who reports that all that has happened is police forces have renamed the confidence target and policing pledge and continued on their merry way! IP also links to this site which lists those forces who have ignored a Minister of State - a total of 11 forces, so far.

Just who the bloody hell does Orde and the Chief Constables think they are, that they can ignore a Minister of State? More importantly, where democracy is concerned, who the bloody hell elected them? Also, when was this 'rebellion' by the police reported in the press? Actually, on that last point, knowing our journalistic abilities are confined to 'cut & paste' jobs it is not that surprising as the police are hardly likely to publicise their own disobedience, are they? It will also be interesting to see what action our 'Government' takes and also whether our supposedly 'elected representatives' stir themselves to make any fuss.

 Afterthought: Why not follow suit?

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Anonymous said...

Why TF is ACPO still in existance. It should be immediately disbanded, broken up, scrapped. As should all the other little trade unions in the "police".