Saturday, 24 July 2010

David Davis (Haltemprice & Howden)

David Davis would appear to have broached the subject 'that dare not speak its name' with his alleged comment about 'The Brokeback Coalition'.

Even in the present 'live and let live' society there are those amongst us that still believe homosexuality is an unnatural liaison between consenting adults - a view, politically, that can also be levied against The Coalition. Ergo, those who believe homosexuality is an abomination to society can now be joined by those who believe The Coalition is, likewise, an abomination to our society.

There are those will will say that Davis still carries - and feels - the wounds of his defeat by Cameron for the Conservative Party leadership battle. Be that as it may, it is however true that Cameron is no 'Conservative' within the meaning of the word usually associated with the party he leads - and so may have gained his position under false pretences (but hey, isn't that how politics normally works?).

In his article, Patrick Hennessey writes:
"Expect this point to be trotted out by Harriet Harman ad nauseam over the summer, and by whoever becomes the permanent Labour leader from September onwards."
Death need not be caused by one mortal blow, it can be due to a number of small wounds which over time cause a festering wound that eventually ends a life, even a political life. David Davis may well have fired the first arrow, but it will be the continious rein of arrows, which will surely follow, that will eventually 'kill' not only Cameron but The Coalition!

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banned said...

Do we really have to wait until September to find out which dullard will become the new Labour Leader of the Losers?