Friday, 30 July 2010

Just Who Is Telling Porkies?

The Mail has a story headlined "Labour did NOT promise the Lib Dems voting reform without a referendum. So who lied to who?" dealing with the shenanigans which occurred between the three main political parties immediately after the general election in May this year.

Do we, the people, not deserve to know the full facts and who said what to whom? Is it right that party leaders and their senior henchmen decide which of them is to administer all the directives and regulations issued by the not our government 'mob' in Brussels?

As an aside, the remarks by Tom Harris really do beggar belief. "He said: ‘What Gus O’Donnell seemed to be saying is that we can’t have a minority government because that would be bad for the markets. I don’t think the Civil Service or the markets should decide the sort of government we have. The British public made that decision and there was no overall majority. If the markets don’t like that, then tough, they don’t have a vote." (my emphasis). One question then, Mr. Harris - What difference does a vote make when MPs can ratify the Lisbon Treaty without asking those who do have a vote?

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