Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Words Of Wisdom

From Anna Raccoon here, discussing the writings of Gildas.
"What Gildas was really writing about was the divorce between a closed, self serving, ruling elite and the “ordinary” people which it betrayed by its dishonesty, lack of integrity and lack of foresight. Importantly he describes the patronising disdain which that elite felt for those people and their concerns. He would therefore instantly have recognised and understood what was often called during the recent election campaign as “the disconnect” between the metropolitan political classes and the concerns and cares of the people at large."
And therein lies the reason why our democracy as sunk to the level it has, a level where Britain's ancient rights, civil liberties and due democratic process have been ignored, over-ridden and subverted in the process of pandering to the forces of political dogma, environmentalism, globalisation and geo-political union. It is time for all of us to take a long, hard look at our country and decide whether to continue allowing the political elite, together with the unelected within Britain - and from Brussels - to govern our lives unhindered or whether we, the people, stem and reverse this tide of 'democratised dictatorship'.*

*H/T: Ian ParkerJoseph for the some of the views put forward in the last paragraph.

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