Saturday, 31 July 2010

Pre-Election 'Junkets' By MPs

The Mail reports that "MPs squandered hundreds of thousands of pounds on junkets to exotic locations during the dying months of the last government, the Daily Mail can reveal. They travelled to dozens of far-flung locations including Abu Dhabi, New York and Sao Paulo on ‘fact-finding’ missions for Commons committees. Ludicrously, many of the most frequent fliers were on committees whose remit is purely national.

Now £1.7million may be just a 'drop in the ocean'* when compared to our country's current national debt, but did it not cross the one brain cell they share that it might not have been the best time to 'splash out' public money?

And still our elected representatives wonder why they are held in such contempt by their employers?

* Afterthought: Pity the aircraft did not drop the bloody MPs in the ocean!

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