Friday, 30 July 2010

Another 'Warner Broadside'

Gerald Warner is one writer for whom I have a great deal of time, especially as it is a fine point as to whose hatred of Cameron is the greater - his or mine.

One point in Warner's latest offering with which I would take exception is this:
" is dispiriting to see the likes of Vince Cable and Chris Huhne swanning in and out of Number 10; but, by and large, these are irritants rather than serious threats."
Gerald, Gerald - as for Vince Cable, one can only presume that prior to making his 'Mr. Bean' jibe at Gordon Brown, he had just looked in a mirror and to put Chris Huhne in charge of the environment is akin to putting an arsonist in charge of state funded conflagrations!

Those two individuals are most definitely not irritants - they are bloody walking disasters!

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Quiet_Man said...

Huhne isn't just a disaster he's a very real threat to the future of England and the UK. His energy policies driven by climate change theocratic diktats might just wreck this country beyond easy repair. His reliance on wind power might just end up killing 20% of the population when the lights go out in the cold winters on windless days.