Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lesson No: 1 - You Can't Have Your Cake........

And eat it, woman! Now follows what will at first sight appear a chauvanistic post causing cries of shock horror from the fair sex. When the subject of equality, or inequality, surfaces logic appears to be tossed out of the window by the working female section of society.

At least Od One sorry, Odone accepts that women have a choice, unlike men, whether to become a full-time parent or to follow a career. So don't, please ladies, whinge when it finally hits home that years earlier, you feel you made the wrong choice.

Whinge No 1: "I had no idea where our mop was kept......I now know where the mop hangs and the dusting cloth, too. I an intimately familiar with the inside of my utilities cupboard." Odd really, as in my experience women very quickly learn where their clothes cupboard is and become intimately aware of the insides.......!

Whinge No 2: "The workplace is designed for full-time (make that 24/7) employees. It has no flexibility to allow for the tug of apron strings." And does not an employer have a right to expect a full days work from his/her employees, so that the company can flourish?

Whinge No 3: "I went [ to Oxford] to learn how to fulfill my dreams. And, let me tell you, these did  NOT include how to fold a shirt in four seconds flat or how to iron the perfect crease down linen trousers." Likewise I expect men went to Oxford to fulfill their dreams, which did not include learning how to change a nappy or bottle-feed a baby!

I can but echo a cry from men, through the ages - 'Make your mind up woman, what do you want?'

Ok ladies, I have had my say - over to you!


Mrs Rigby said...

Okay, I'll bite!

1 - Stupid woman! You don't mop a carpet, not even when coke or even ribena has been spilled on it! Towel up the worst and dab with tonic, soda or white wine until the colour has gone, then sprinkle with bicarb.

2 - Why did she have children? If she was hoping to 'fulfil her dreams' after Oxford why did she allow herself to be distracted?

3 - And why are her children drinking coke? And why are they drinking it in a room with a beige carpet?

Witterings From Witney said...

Mrs. R,
1-agreed, 2-hormones,3-better drinking than sniffing I suppose.

microdave said...

It's a bit ironic that we have regular advertising campaigns telling us that "A pet is for life, not just Christmas", yet never one suggesting that having children is equally life changing....