Monday, 19 July 2010

Is This A Police State?

A question posed by Captain Ranty here in which he links to a post by Old Holborn. OH makes the point that the police appear totally ineffective in protection of the individual, yet conversely, this article shows the police are extremely effective in keeping track of what they themselves term as 'domestic extremists'. Next, consider this video of Roger Hayes speaking at the British Constitution Group National Conference in which he argues that we do indeed live in a police state.

Where two perfectly peaceful peace protesters who have not broken any law, and who are an 85 year-old father and his 50 year-old daughter are considered political extremists then yes, we are living in a police state.

Roger Hayes argues that if our leaders - our political elite - were not themselves corrupt then the corruption that exists amongst public servants (judges, police, bureaucratic bodies) would not exist. Do watch the video of Roger Hayes and make up your own mind.

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