Saturday, 24 July 2010

Venables (And Not the Football One!)

Can anyone please explain what the Probation Service were actually trying to achieve with Jon Venables?

He was allowed to live within a few hundred yards of a school (print edition of the Daily Telegraph)  the Parole Board having decided that he was unlikely to re-offend; he was arrested on suspicion of affray and cautioned by a probation officer in September 2008; he was arrested in December of the same year when police officers found him with cocaine and he is given access to the internet, unsupervised - and yet nothing happens to punish him? Just WTF is going on here?

Martin Evans, writing in the print edition of the Daily Telegraph, reports that his solicitor, giving a statement on Venable's behalf, said that he felt 'ill-prepared' to cope with civilian live upon his release - yet he was also provided with 'training' in counter-surveillance to avoid his identity becoming known. Now we find that the taxpayer will be 'billed' for a further £250,000 to provide Venables with a new identity once he has served this additional sentence - and he could be released after 12 months!

One has to ask just how much more damage to our society do the 'liberal' wing p- misguided as they so obviously are - wish to inflict on the rest of us?  It is cases like this that makes me believe that even the death penalty would be an option too kind! Ok, ok, I know, everyone deserves a 'second chance', but how many 'second chances' does someone deserve? Just how much of taxpayer's money does the probation service want to spend in attempting to rehabilitate those who are beyond redemption?

I will now 'retire' and await the vilification that will, undoubtedly, follow................

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