Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sham Consultations

Governments of all hues are extremely keen on 'consultations' and present them as a means to show they have taken into account the views of the electorate. This results in government, both national and local, stating that they have listened to other views but intend imposing their ideas anyway.

Yet again we see the latest 'consultation', Your Freedom, launched by Nick Clegg following the same format as that above. The Coalition website states that: "It’s time to have your say. After all – it’s your freedom." and that they want to know what laws the public wish to see repealed.

One of the topics is smoking and people are asking for amendments, especially to allow those in the entertainment industry - restaurants & pubs - the right to decide whether they wish to cater for a smoking or non-smoking clientele.

It may be 'our freedom', yet Clegg promptly declares that amending the smoking laws will not be one of the subjects which the government will consider change, along with restoration of the death penalty.

So much for 'consultation' - yet another example of 'democratised dictatorship'!


Anonymous said...

The smoking ban is the most Illiberal spitefull prejudicial dictat ever imposed by a British government on a sector of it's own people .
It is "Nazi" in it's ideaology and shows clearly the mindset of the shriekers who pushed for it and god knows how achieved it .
It makes me sick to see all those sharp nosed grey little creeps gloating over their achievment ,which has paradoxically achieved nothing.
Apart from wreaking the hospitality industry ,which i'm sure was another aim from their temperance stance .
Creeps that's all they are.

Witterings From Witney said...

Anon, agreed