Monday, 19 July 2010

Conflict Of Interest?

Having read An Englishman's Castle this morning, followed by this article in the Daily Telegraph, the thought struck me whether it is proper that an MP with 'extra-parliamentary activities' - from which considerable sums of money in return for little time, can be earned - should be placed in a position whereby he/she can benefit from possible increased 'extra-parliamentary earnings' by the influence they are able to exert through their parliamentary duties.

Another MP to whom the same question could be put is Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, when considering this story." "Although she resigned as a company director last year, the firm remains in the hands of her husband....."

There are bound to be others to whom this question of 'Conflict of Interest' can be put and if 'others' are not yet in the majority - it would indeed be odd if they bloody well soon weren't!

Just another thought...............

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