Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Gerald Warner has yet another interesting post in which he opines that Britain (and America) has no 'Afghan Allies'.

Gerald uses two most interesting phrases: "devoted to their land" and "loyalty is to tribe" in discussing the Afghan people.

Are the Afghans so different to the British? Do not some Britons have 'devotion to their land'? Do Britons also not feel 'loyalty to their tribe'? Come to that, do the nationals of any country not feel the same?

It is for those two reasons, within Britain anyway, that (a) acceptance of rule by the EU is hated ; and (b) social integration will never work.

Just a WfW thought..............

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microdave said...

I would suggest that the Afghan people are infinitely more devoted to their country and fellow tribes than the inhabitants of this island.

Which is why it is generally accepted that the war over there will never be won, and the future for us is extremely bleak...