Friday, 16 July 2010

Hello, Is The Tail Wagging The Dog?

The reason for posing the question is first, a report on the BBC website in which Clegg is quoted as saying "Now that the Liberal Democrats are in government, liberal ideas are being deployed directly. And I can tell you that as deputy prime minister, my liberal instincts are stronger than ever."

Second, on a separate matter - that of the European Investigation Order - it would seem that again LibDem views will 'carry the day', reading between the lines in this report from the Daily Telegraph which states "Some senior Tories are understood to be concerned about it but Whitehall sources suggested the Liberal Democrat members of the Coalition are more supportive.

Oh to be a 'fly-on-the-wall' when Cameron & Clegg meet! Mind you, with the 'centre-left' views of the Conservative Prime Minister, Clegg won't get much opposition to his 'liberal instincts'. It is my view that the days of the Coalition are 'numbered' and that the issue that will fragment them is that of EU membership!

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