Thursday, 15 July 2010

Union 'Demarcation' Rules Had Nothing On This!

The BBC reports how workmen painting white lines stopped and continued their operation after coming across a dead badger in the road.
"Council contractor Amey said the staff from sub-contractor Bellstan were not "licensed or trained" to remove road kill."
FFS! "licensed or trained" - what to use a shovel/black bag or 'shovel/ditch'? There may be no extra cost to the council, but there sure as hell will be to the contractor for the extra time, fuel etc to make a return trip - and that is without any 'cost' to road users whilst they experience delays caused no doubt by the road being 'coned-off' to allow the white-lining to be completed.

What happened to commonsense?


subrosa said...

Auch WFW, you know common sense has been dumbed down to such an extent it's nigh on extinct. That's edukayshun for you these days.

john in cheshire said...

A sacking now and again might just clarify some minds.

Anonymous said...

Well, those who deal with such things are well aware of the diseases, etc which can be carried by 'roadkill', which is why they are treated as hazardous materials.
If you were instructed to deal with a dead badger and found that later you had TB, would you just shrug it off because your employer failed to take proper steps to protect you?
The animals might be dead but there is no guarantee that the ticks, fleas, etc that they carried are. Do you want Lyme disease from picking up a dead rat?
Should dead animals be dumped into ditches or other watercourses so that they can spread pollution?

Witterings From Witney said...

Agree with SR and jic.

To A I say: get a life, please. Shovel and black sack or ditch ain't going to contract the plague! Methinks you are a b'crat/troll/H&S/HR troll.