Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Pause For Thought

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Andrew Gilligan:
" is far from clear that the 18-fold growth of the Cabinet Office since 1997 has made Britain 18 times better governed. The Ministry of Defence employs 29,000 people in its procurement branch. Its equivalent in a country under actual military threat, Israel, employs a reported 400. "
It has been said that bureaucracy is the art of making the possible, impossible; that in any bureaucracy paper-work increases as you spend more and more time reporting on the less and less being done; that as the degree of bureaucratic discretion increases, so too does delay and expense; and that you will never understand bureaucracies until you realise that for a bureaucrat procedures are everything and outcomes, nothing - for bureaucrats, also read politicians!

Are not those employed (bureaucrats and politicians) supposed to do what the employer (the majority of the people) want? And not vice versa? 


Trooper Thompson said...

Once the bureaucracy reaches a certain level, the sheer weight of numbers of bureaucrats creates a voting block which will support and protect bureaucracy. So the primary purpose is not whatever the bureaucracy was created to deal with, the purpose is self-preservation. We all have bills to pay, right? and the longer people work in the bureaucracy the less employable they become.

Witterings From Witney said...

TT, quite right of course too on the re-employment point