Saturday, 24 July 2010

Two Contradictory Stories

Two stories, both by 'Daily Telegraph Reporter, in today's Daily Telegraph (sorry, no links found) were slightly amusing.

The first read:
"Sitting on the sofa could prove fatal": People who spend too much of their time on the sofa could die young, even if they are active, according to scientists. People who sit for more than six hours a day are up to a third more likely to suffer an early death, says a study from the American Cancer Society. The findings refer to all causes of death, not just cancer."
 So, who says all we do is 'sit' and does 'all causes of death' include 'horizontal jogging', an activity in which some of us do indulge, on sofas - those of us who are 'active', of course!

The second story read:
"Holidays hold the key to a longer life": The first paragraph reading: The positive impact of a holiday lasts until well after the break is over and can even contribute to a longer life, a study has suggested."
Question then, scientists: what happens if we were to take our holidays and spend them on sofas being 'active', especially if a positive impact lasts well after 'the break'?


banned said...

I thought that this might have taken us to the previous days Telegraph which promised us cancer if we went swimming in a public pool.

JuliaM said...

You'll go mad contemplating the inherent contradictions in any one newspaper!

James Higham said...

I'm with Julia here.