Friday, 16 July 2010 Gets It (Almost)

Kiran Stacey, writing on the Financial Times on-line, queries whether the Tories, as a party, regret signing The Coalition deal. The article ends:
"The speed with which Cameron signed up to a remarkably full agreement suggested he would almost rather share power than have a majority. That way, he could govern alongside that friendly Mr Clegg and his liberal colleagues rather than finding himself in hock to an angry group of right-wingers on his own benches.
Which kinda bears out my views here, here and here. The speed with which Cameron went into this deal can only be due to his own 'Liberal left-of-centre' Conservative views - and which, in linking up with Clegg - presented him with a guaranteed method of negating the views of the 'right-wing' opposition in his own party.

Incidentally, as my 'tweets' are followed by the Conservatives, it speaks volumes that they have not - so far, but one lives in hope - attempted to rebut my views on Cameron and his 'left-of-centre' beliefs!

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