Saturday, 17 July 2010

Charitable Cuts

With the dreaded sword of Damoclese (cuts) hanging in the air, up pops The National Council for Voluntary Organisations warning that charities cannot be a "soft target"for spending cuts - so reports the Press Association. Highlighting some of the 'fake charities' that owe their existence to public money given them by the government of the day comes Old Holborn (merit mark for that post, OH!).

If our 'Government' (you know, the one we did not elect) really meant what they say, not only would all quangos be obliterated, but so would all the 'fake charities' - all of them no more than 'mouthpieces' for -  and trying to dictate - government policy. Any 'charity' should only be able to use the word when say 90% of it's income comes from voluntary public contributions - on the basis if they can't raise their own income they do not have any right to exist.

When and if the 'Government' actually do have their promised bonfire of quangos (and they might just as well include fake charities) perhaps they can then turn their minds to our MPs? Maybe MPs should publish an annual list of what they have done and accomplished on behalf of their constituents? Not sufficient achievement on their part - fine, recall and the sack! That may just concentrate a few minds amongst our political elite! (that of course is assuming the 'Government' do actually do what they promised and initiate a 're-call' system!)


Quiet_Man said...

Fake charities should be axed along with any or all quango's that can be replaced should it be necessary by elected representatives thus making them accountable. A change in the law that states that a government (local and national) cannot give taxpayers money to a charity above what it raises from public funding would cut most of them off in their prime.

Witterings From Witney said...

QM, agreed on your last point. Personally wall and AK47 still appeals as the solution!

Anonymous said...

Agree, no more money for fake charities.
As to MPs making a list of what they have done, it would be a very short list ie "nothing, but claimed lots of money for it".