Monday, 12 July 2010

Never A Truer Word Said (Or Written)

The Daily Telegraph has a piece authored by David Cameron and Nick Clegg with the headline "We'll transform Britain by giving power away", in which they discuss 'empowering' the people of Britain.

Well, they sure have given power away - to the EU! From no less an authoritive source than Europarl TV comes this short video - and do note the line (approximately 46 seconds in) "A Member State willing to regain its sovereignty must first notify the Council"; in particular the three words emphasised. Don't let any politician, ever again, try and tell me that this country has not ceded sovereignty!

It is deceitful of both Cameron and Clegg to pontificate about the devolution of power to the people when the basic freedom for the people to decide their own future, through their own elected representatives, has been removed from them without their permission!

H/T: The Boiling Frog for the source to the Europarl video.

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James Higham said...

Not even a question on the sovereignty.