Sunday, 11 July 2010

Pause For Thought - Mrs. Rigby Style

Mrs. Rigby Says - a totally under-rated blog in my humble opinion - posts some thoughts on Battle of Britain rememberance in which she says:

"Some today would have us forget those times, and forget the astonishing and selfless bravery of those 2,927 men. Mrs Rigby can't forget, because she wasn't alive then, but she is very aware of the importance of those battles and is also aware of what might have happened to Britain had we lost the war.

Some say we are still fighting a battle
for Britain, others say there's no point because politicians have surrendered our sovereignty to Europe. But, well, this is Britain after all, and we don't take kindly to takeover bids, no matter how subtle they may be."
Yes, most definitely we are still fighting a battle for Britain - a battle whereby, because of our p-poor education system, the younger generation have no knowledge about the importance of self-detmination where governance of this country is concerned; a battle to honour those that permitted the greatest of benefits, namely freedom, to flourish and which yet again our politicians seem determined to cede.

We most certainly are in a battle - one that some of us will never, ever accept as lost!

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Mrs Rigby said...

Thanks WfW.

Mrs R is quite happy to be 'under rated', it leaves her to bumble along and say (mostly) what she thinks.

Britain is, largely, inhabited by a fairly stubborn bunch of people who have always tended to take their time to get cross. When they do it's often the little things that tip the balance. So, we play a waiting game - a bit like cricket!