Friday, 16 July 2010

Lesson 1 (For Those Not Aware Of Lesson 1)

Richard North, EU Referendum, has submitted a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission and the text of his submission can be read here (42 page pdf).

As James Delingpole writes on a post: 
"North is not a figure to be trifled with. He has spent the last few decades acting as an expert witness in any number of complex court cases (involving everything from eggs to speed cameras) and has an almost trainspotterish obsession with the tiniest detail which, together with a grasp of legal procedure worthy of Tom Denning and crusading spirit worthy of Richard Coeur De Lion make him a truly formidable opponent of any manner of establishment mendacity, cover-up or bullshit."
Oh, I nearly forgot - lesson 1 states: Don't mess with North!


TheBigYin said...

Time we had that referendum dont you think?

microdave said...

I wonder if Moonbat was aware of that before his recent blitherings?

Witterings From Witney said...

TBY, agreed.
md - doubt it. Lack of brain springs to mind!