Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lost For Words (For A Post Title)

The editorial in today's Sunday Telegraph is on the subject of immigration and begins:
"For the bulk of the 13 years that Labour was in power, the question of immigration was the proverbial elephant in the room: its size and impact were visible to all, but ministers felt deeply uncomfortable discussing it."
Substitute the words 'EU membership' for the word 'immigration' and what has changed? Nothing! Anyway, I digressed so back to the editorial.

Points of contention:

That the trebling of the net immigration figures since 1997 was due to the 'laissez-faire' policy of the last government; that voters were concerned about the strain immigration put on health, education and social housing and that their concern had nothing to do with xenophobia; that Damian Green believes his policies will send a message round the world that Britain is no longer a soft touch on immigration......Oh, FFS!

Would someone take the cretin who wrote this editorial outside, stand him/her up against a brick wall and then ensure they are unable ever again to write such crap?

The editiorial also refers to this story on the rules for immigration officials working for the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and chapter 43 in their manual which advises them that, in the event of a suspect fleeing, the pursuit should be left to the accompanying police. It continues that even if asked for help in chasing a suspect, immigration officers are not obliged to go to their aid, but instead should conduct a "dynamic risk assessment" of the situation before deciding what action to take. 

Jesus H! (apologies for the profanity but Christ on a crutch, it is enough to make a saint swear) perhaps the person who wrote this should be forced to join the writer of the editorial!

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