Saturday, 24 July 2010

Vote Face - Or Politicians To Talk 'Plain English'?

On 23rd of this month Andrew Porter, Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph, had this story 'on-line'.

Yet today, in the print edition (no link yet, it would seem) the same journalist has the story that that report has been repudiated by a spokesman for No 10.  In an article headlined "No more Monster's Balls, says Cameron", Porter reports that Crispin Blunt has been 'humilatingly rebuked' by David Cameron. Porter reports that "The Prime Minister's spokesman said: "I understand the Ministry of Justice guidelines to prison governors doesn't quite give 'carte blanche'  to such parties, but we just want to make it clear to the public there will be no such parties"

And there was me thinking that 'No More Monster's Balls, says Cameron' referred to the fact that The Colalition would cease trying to 'con' the public!

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