Monday, 19 July 2010

No Fan Of Cameron

Is Gerald Warner with his latest offering, discussing iDave's 'Big Society.
"He has now launched it in Liverpool, with a generous infusion of the prolific Daveguff to which we have become accustomed: “It’s my hope – and my mission – that when people look back at this five, 10-year period from 2010, they’ll say: ‘In Britain they didn’t just pay down the deficit, they didn’t just balance the books, they didn’t just get the economy moving again, they did something really exciting in their society.’ ”
Sorry, Dave, that is not what people will be saying when they look back at your time in government: they will be saying something very similar, though more venomous, to what they are currently saying when they look back on the Blair/Brown years; but, after all, as the Heir to Blair, presumably you would wish to share his legacy, so you will not have a problem with that."
Delicious, just delicious! Do go read the whole piece.

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